Enhance Sales Forecasts

Are you spending too much time massaging forecast numbers? Business planning is difficult when your organization is unsure if your ‘actual’ is going to match your ‘forecast’. Deal slippage is inevitable when opportunities are subjectively earmarked by sales people to close the last day of the month or quarter. Many management hours can be spent in forecast meetings, imposing successive layers of subjectivity before the ‘final’ guess gets to the CFO’s or Finance Director’s office.

To get more accurate forecasts, we recommend these guidelines:

  • You need a strong pipeline, full of deals that are real, & being actively worked, & you need to weed out any that are falsely inflating your projections
  • Your sales teams need to follow best practices & adhere to objective steps & standard terminology
  • Your sales process should accurately reflect how your customers want to buy
  • You need the right balance of deals to maximize your revenue capacity