About us

NetBusiness offers consulting services and solutions to increase sales, profits and sales acquisition for your company. NetBusiness was founded in 2000 as a sales effectiveness & organizational company. NetBusiness brings over 13 years of experience helping companies to maximize sales performance & achieve desired sales results. NetBusiness offers consulting services and solutions to increase sales, profits and sales acquisition for your company.

The Target Account Selling Marketing Framework® collaborates with companies to devise a performance model to drive revenue & growth. We help sales organizations gain the clarity necessary to improve individual & overall team effectiveness by providing on-demand sales, best-practice learning & applications creating a repeatable process to enhance:

  • Dramatic increase of business
  • Competitive advantage
  • Business methodology
  • Reduced sales cycles
  • Increased deal sizes
  • Business strategies
  • Partner programs
  • Sales acquisitions
  • Route to market
  • SWOT analysing
  • Marketing mix
  • Business plans
  • Sales training
  • Sales audits

NetBusiness benefits

We provide our customers with business advice that ensures commercial success for their companies. Our team of specialists will show you how to increase long-term sales and profits, as well as increase the effectiveness of sales and distribution. We know how to get new customers, and upsell to existing customers, ensuring your company's long-term growth. We would like to share our experience and know-how with you.

Quality sales and distribution require years of knowledge from many different segments. NetBusiness has independent consultants who are experienced experts in the Target Account Selling Marketing Framework®. With our proven methodology and a project plan specific to your company our optimized framework will systematically work it’s way to increase sales

Our references

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Business summary

  • Business Consultants from NetBusiness can help you to plan, grow, & structure your business to address key issues such as strategy, business enhancement, new acquisition, technology, & change management.
  • Target Account Selling Marketing Framework® (TASMF) has a mission to grow in importance to your company & has very aggressive growth targets to help your company achieve its ambitions.
  • With our unique, collaborative approach, we offer not only industry & functional business performance knowledge, but also the insight of others through our consulting alliances.
  • Business Improvement is a systematic approach to help optimize sales processes to achieve more efficient results & turnover.
  • TASMF focuses strongly on your needs in order to enhance business sales.

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