Build More Effective Sales Teams

TASMF methodology will increase the effectiveness of your sales team by guiding & coaching your sales reps while they are working their deals. Using the embedded methodology & smart reasoning, it shows your team how to gain control of the sale & build an opportunity plan to win. The problem with most sales methodologies & training programs is that the knowledge learned is quickly forgotten & sales people soon return to their old habits. The benefits of the training initiatives are usually not sustained. Any sales effectiveness initiative must be accompanied by a change of behaviour otherwise you will not see a sustained improvement in sales performance. And sustained sales success is the only reason why sales leaders invest in development programs.

To achieve the most value from your sales effectiveness initiative, you must make certain that:

  • Your sales effectiveness initiatives are positioned as a continuous process— not a one-time event
  • You consider solutions that support, reinforce & measure the impact of new behaviors in practice on a daily basis.

We have learned that when you apply technology to drive & support the integration of your sales methodology & sales process with your CRM, quota achievement improves on average by 30%. We will help you increase quota achievement & guides the sales person to apply what they learned about sales methodology, every day, on every deal.

Manage Sales Performance

The role of a sales manager has often lacked clear definition—resulting in too much time spent on Solutions reactive “fire drill” activities & reporting systems rather than on high value activities such as coaching. Managing the performance of your sales organizations requires effective insights into what is working (and what isn’t working) in your sales process so you can maximize revenue; as well as management & monitoring of the costs associated with qualifying, bidding for & acquiring new business.

We will enable sales managers to manage performance with confidence, by delivering increased forecast accuracy & greater coaching capacity through objective & intelligent analysis of your sales organization’s activities. TASMF coach will prepare you & your team to conduct more productive deal reviews & provides focus on helping to overcome existing challenges. By giving sales managers increased forecast accuracy & greater coaching capacity through objective & intelligent analysis of the sales organization’s activities, we will help you better manage the performance of your sales organization.