The Supplier undertakes to maintain confidentiality of confidential information & business secrets as defined in Section 17 of the Act No. 513/1991 Coll. the Commercial Code, as amended & of any other facts regarding operations & legitimate interests of NetBusiness.

Confidential Information is deemed to include any & all information on NetBusiness, in particular information on its trade, production & technical facts, contracts, contract templates, databases, trading partners, clients, employees, products, know-how, accounting & tax situation, business strategies, organisational procedures, plans & business plans, etc., irrespective of whether such information is or is not processed in written form, or information that will become known to the Supplier from oral or written sources irrespective of whether such information is or is not expressly marked as confidential.

The Supplier undertakes not to use Confidential Information contrary to the purpose it was provided for. The Supplier further undertakes that it shall not, under any circumstances & in any form, provide, give access to and/or otherwise disseminate Confidential Information without NetBusiness’s written consent.

The obligation hereunder does not apply to information that is or becomes available in the public domain other than by a breach by the Supplier or another entity of the obligation, & to information that is requested under law by a court or another public administration body & is used solely for this particular purpose.