Grow Revenue

Successful sales organizations consistently prosper by growing revenue while managing the cost of bidding for, & acquiring that revenue. Growing revenue often presents a number of general business challenges that can threaten your top-line growth:

  • Deal size not big enough, or lack of up-sell & cross-sell opportunities
  • Inaccurate & time-consuming forecasting & pipeline analysis
  • Poorly defined, or poorly executed, sales process
  • Ineffective sales people or sales organization
  • Insufficient number of qualified opportunities
  • Lengthy or slipping sales cycles
  • Low or declining win rate

The TASMF is based on Best Practice that helps sales professionals focus on four key levers that impact your company’s ability to consistently achieve increased revenue, accurate sales forecasts, & increased sales effectiveness.

These four levers are:

  • Number of Qualified Opportunities
  • Average Deal Size
  • Sales Cycle
  • Win Rate